Credit for small business owners and small businesses

Are you a small business owner or small business looking for a loan? Regardless of whether it is a personal loan or a business loan, the first route should take you to your house bank.

You maintain regular business relationships with your house bank. Your clerk knows you personally. Most payment transactions are processed via the accounts held at your house bank.

The bank can access this data

The bank can access this data

Knows your payment history and probably only needs a few documents to get a comprehensive picture of your creditworthiness.

If your business has been solid in the past and you have properly met all possible payment obligations, you will receive a loan on reasonable terms.

However, if you are looking for a loan on the Internet as a small business owner or as a small business owner, it will not be that easy. Although some direct banks are ready to lend to self-employed people, this willingness is mostly limited to loans for freelancers.

Nevertheless, the granting of online loans to small businesses is not completely excluded. It is best to start your loan search at one of the recognized credit comparison portals.

Good Finance Small Business Loan Comparison

Good Finance Small Business Loan Comparison

With Good Finance you can compare corporate loans and loans for private use. We have preset the “Business” section.

If you are not looking for a commercial loan, you can change the default according to your wishes.

Good Finance only needs a single credit request to determine your credit opportunities with the portal’s partner banks. The financial service provider will inform you of the result immediately after sending the request.

If there are opportunities, Good Finance will provide you with the best possible loan offer.

Good Finance is one of the few comparison portals known for a good consulting service. You can get free advice by phone before making a loan request.

P2P portals: personal loan


Credit exchanges provide loans that are financed by private investors. In order to meet the legal requirements, P2P loans in Germany are formally granted by partner banks of the stock exchanges.

According to their own statements, P2P portals accept self-employed persons as applicants, including small businesses and small business owners.

In order to receive a P2P loan, the borrower must stop a project and make an application. The credit exchange decides whether to accept the request, carries out a credit check and suggests a specific interest rate.

If the loan project is financed and a loan contract is concluded, the credit exchange receives a commission.

If you use the Good Finance loan comparison, the portals are Good Finance and automatically taken into account. Good Credit is another market-leading credit exchange that accepts loan projects from the self-employed.

For small businesses, the credit for the self-employed is primarily considered. Prerequisite is two years of self-employment. Loans are possible up to an amount of USD 75,000.

The possible loan conditions can be estimated on the basis of Good Credit’s information according to the consumer credit directive.

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